Dr. Amish Bhutani, Managing Director, Bhutani Infra

Dr. Amish Bhutani

Managing Director

Dr. Amish Bhutani has proven his mettle as a strategic developer and an enthusiastic doctor in respective industries. He is a postgraduate in Internal Medicine from Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Dehradun and served in respectable hospitals like Medanta and Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital, Pushpanjali Medical Centre and runs his own polyclinic "Dr. Bhutani's Healthcare".

He is the chief and head of development, Being a man with a far-sighted vision, he oversees both the jobs with outrageous discipline. As a believer of sustainable energy, he registered the Project Grandthum for the highest level of Green Building

rating with IGBC, that is ‘Platinum’ and with incessant efforts the project was honoured with the precertification on 1st October 2021 making Grandthum as “The Largest Mixed use IGBC Platinum Pre-Certified Project in Delhi-NCR”, and the very first of Bhutani Group as well.

In addition to being a great leader, he is an avid photographer and lover of travel. He believes there's no limit to how old you need to be, or what profession might do for one’s expertise - as long as they have an interest! His work always strives towards being agreeable which makes it easy-to draw out all that he does best: the positive attitude present within every aspect both visualised by way photography/drawing skills enables him to grow by every passing day.