Grandthum: An example of luxurious safety for NRI’s.

In the past few years, every sector saw a rapid evolution. Major government initiatives and strategies helped in creating transparency and ease to carry out business.
Real estate didn’t remain untouched in this pandemic. Demand for a safe environment with luxury increased as everything started to fall back to its place.
With the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine and adaptation of the ‘new normal,’ 2022 is poised to hold new beginnings.

Investment plans of NRI’s:

India is emerging as the fastest growing economy, and so are the investment opportunities for the Non-Residents Indian. SEBI’s amendment to Real Estate Investment Trust rules had led to an inflow of high, stable, and lucrative investments in the real estate sector.
The increase in recent times is also due to the pandemic because insecurity led them to reside in India. High-income brackets love to invest in green buildings and tend to spend more on the estate, which offers them a protective bubble of stability and well-being.

The NRI investors look upon various criteria before investing in real estate. Some of these are as follows:


Investors go for the location, which assures them of high returns. They calculate the soundness of the site along with the demand/supply dynamics. They make sure that the job market, population growth, and economy are on their side of the table.

• Property type:

NRI’s look for different types of real estate properties, commercial and retail being on top. In recent years only big investors could invest in these properties, but with the change of time and rules, small investors can also lay their hand on it as smaller spaces are available.

• Unexpected returns and outlays:

The minimum budget NRI investors have is around Rs. 3-4 crores and the rental yield estimated is 7-8%. Rental yield stands for the annual rent divided by the property value. Similarly, the return expected by the investors is around 7-8%. If researched well, real estate investing is a high-end thing.

• Diligence check:

Before investing in any property, NRI’s check the developer’s credibility, potential to develop world-class infrastructure, accessibility of public transport, and legacy of the management. Lately, Greater Noida has been marked as a growing hub of ITs as it has seen exceptional growth of such commercial properties. Among them is Grandthum. With iconic twin towers of 31 floors spread over 23 acres, it presents a perfect combination of luxury and palladia professionally. It takes care of all the guiding principles and proves to be the best option for building companies.

Why Grandthum?

Grandthum is one of the symbolic structures of Bhutani Group, which provides spacious commercial retail and is also an epitome of luxury. Being in the prime location of Greater Noida with smooth connectivity, extravagance services, excellent framework, eco-friendly construction ways, and quality check in alliance with TATA, Grandthum is the example of today’s luxurious safety.

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