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How can an NRI Invest in a Commercial Property

Commercial real estate is growing rapidly day by day and it is definitely a wise investment choice, especially for NRIs. The fact that commercial real estate is not very volatile makes it a more stable investment along with it providing you the flexibility to be smarter by not putting all your eggs in one basket….

Monetise your way to the top from commercial property investment

Commercial real estate investment has been on the rise in recent years, as more and more people are choosing to invest in businesses rather than simply working for them. There are many reasons for this trend, but chief among them is the changing nature of work. With more and more people pursuing their passions instead…


How to Use Cryptocurrency in Real Estate in Three Ways:

Using cryptocurrencies to purchase has grown more convenient and rewarding. Cryptocurrency is expected to become a full-fledged payment method, according to experts. Many real-estate firms and individual homeowners have accepted this innovative mode of payment, and you can now buy homes using cryptocurrency. In addition to significant changes to the payment system, bitcoin has led…


In 2022, the Real Estate Market will reach new Heights.

In 2022, India’s real estate market is seeing robust growth in demand, which is projected to continue for the remainder of the year. The general market prognosis for the real estate business is favourable, from commercial spaces to the residential market. Despite pandemic challenges, the industry has shown resilience and consistent growth in 2021. For…


How will millennials change commercial real estate leasing in India?

Shortly, millennials’ preferences and values will be mirrored in commercial real estate in India. Commercial leasing in India is once again on the rise. Significant corporations like Google, Samsung India, ABB, Veritas, and others have acquired large-scale transactions. Most IT and technology firms are expanding due to their long-term development potential. Large companies are also…


What exactly is a Capital Tax?

A capital tax is a tax on a firm based on its assets rather than its profits. Few OECD countries to levy both federal and provincial capital tax. In 2006, several nations limited their federal capital tax to financial corporations, and some provinces additionally collected a capital tax on financial firms. The country’s capital tax…